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LNET 12-TN-MM Milling Inserts


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  • TANGSLOT Tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges for milling deep and long steel slots.
  • The inserts have a chipformer that reduces the cutting forces and leaves a clean, undamaged surface.
  • Excellent chip evacuation.


  • 6.0 to 14.6 mm (0.25 – 0.57 “) width range
  • The shape of the LNET 12.. insert and the tangential clamping on the cutter results in narrow slotting cutters with a fine pitch
  • The positive, rake face chipformer reduces cutting forces and power consumption by 15%-25%. It also directs chips away from cut area, leaving the side surfaces unscratched
  • This configuration has less chattering problems and better tool life, using tangential insert type with 4 cutting edges (two right-hand and two left-hand cutting edges)
  • LNET 12… inserts are designed for general applications, especially on cast iron and steel
  • Including FDN (flanged type) and SDN (disc type) slot milling cutters


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