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Multifunctional Triangular Handle Hard Alloy Drill Glass Drill Tile Opening Drill Bit


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  • Tungsten carbide cutter head is harder than ordinary drill bits, more wear-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • The surface of the drill body has been finely polished and anti-rust, which makes it easier to remove chips from drilling.
  • The tail chamfering is easy to install, firm and non-slip, and suitable for various chucks.
  • This type of drill bit can be installed in many types of machines such as ordinary hand drills, bench drills and charging machines, and can be used in a range of more than 10MM.
  • This drill bit not only has the function of ordinary glass ceramic drill bit, but also has the function of electric hammer drill bit.
  • It can open holes on the cement load-bearing body, which solves the problem that ordinary drill bits are easy to fall when hitting a stone, and has no damage to the tile wall.
  • After each use, please wipe off the stains on the surface of the product, and apply anti-rust oil to prevent rust.
  • All kinds of manual tools must be installed according to the correct steps, and it is forbidden to use the tools before they are installed.
  • Note: It is recommended to use 24V or above for charging equipment, for electric hand drills, it is recommended to use a model with a real power of 750W or above, and for bench drills, it is recommended to select drill bits according to the machined aperture.



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