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  • The shovel drill is an upgraded product of traditional twist equipment, which can be applied to numerical control equipment and various transfer equipment. Such as vertical drill. Rocker drill and so on.
  • When processing workpieces of different materials, choose shovel drill blades of different materials for processing. The shovel drill blades are made of cemented carbide, powdered high-speed steel and drill-containing high-speed steel. The blades of the three materials of the same diameter can be installed in On the same shovel drill rod. Greatly reduce the customer’s purchase cost on the tool bar.
  • Vertical drill. High-speed drills and powdered high-speed steel blades are recommended for radial drills.It is not recommended to use cemented carbide blades because the machine speed is low. Poor rigidity. Large gaps can easily cause hard alloy blades to slash.
  • All shovel drill rods have a central water outlet hole. It is recommended to use high-pressure internal coolant as much as possible, which will greatly extend the service life of the blade and be more conducive to chip removal.
  • All shovel drill blades are designed with chip breakers, and the processed iron chips are small chips. Compared with the long chips processed by traditional twist drills, small chips are easier to remove. And there is no need to go back and chip breaking. It can be hit to the end to shorten the processing time. Improve processing efficiency.
  • The spade drill blade has self-centering kinetic energy. The double-edged symmetrical and uniform force. Therefore, it is suitable for processing deep holes.
  • Blade straight range 9.5mm-114mm.

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