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Together with our customers,
creating a better future

Announcing DIAEDGE, our new brand of tools

that brings together our cutting-edge technologies, exciting all who use them.

Our aim is not only to offer value with our tools,

but to think together with our customers, share inspiration with them,

and continue to take on new challenges.

We Offer Products/Services at a High Quality

Through DIAEDGE brand, we promise to offer our high quality products and services in a wide variety as a professional of manufacturing for each of our customer facing different difficulties.

We Offer Products/Services with Leading Technology

Through DIAEDGE brand, we promise to lead your business to success by offering our Best-solution services using the world’s leading cutting-edge technology.

We Cooperate with our Clients

Through DIAEDGE brand, we promise to become the only “Global Craftsman Studio” in the world for each of our customer to share our excitements.

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